The Breeders' Awards Program is Residency Based


The Breeders' Awards Program will be a percentage of the New York State breeding farm account which consists of certain revenue received by the Fund from July 1 through June 30.


This coincides with the normal New York Sire Stakes (NYSS) purse year.


The total Breeders' Awards pool for any given year will be declared at the end of the purse year.


The Residency Based Breeders' Awards program provides rewards for each level of NYSS racing: Sire Stakes, Excelsior Series and County Fairs.

Breeders of two- and three-year-old horses participating

in a NYSS event in each NYSS racing season will be eligible to receive a residency based award.

Only breeders of horses finishing in positions 1-5 in the NYSS racing program will benefit from the Breeders'

Awards program.

Payments to the breeder of each horse will be calculated based upon NYSS race event earnings each year.



It shall be the breeder's responsibility to ensure accurate records are kept on all progeny. The recipient of any breeders' award must be the owner of the mare at the time of mating as declared to the USTA. The racing horse must be nominated to the NYSS or be subsequently entered into sire stakes events in order for a breeders' award to be paid.


Breeders' Awards will be based on NYSS race participation during the calendar year. At the end of the racing season total awards due each breeder will be calculated and paid as soon

as practical. In the case of multiple breeders, the Fund will contact the first breeder listed on the horse's USTA registration papers. Information required for tax purposes will be requested

of all recipient breeders.




What is the NYSS Breeders’ Awards Program?

The Breeders’ Awards Program is an incentive to promote agriculture through the breeding of Standardbred horses in New York State. The Breeders’ Awards will be given at all levels of the New York Sire Stakes (NYSS) Racing Program.


What are the Residency Bonus Awards?

The Residency Bonus Awards reward breeders who keep their mares in New York State, thereby contributing to the New York State economy and agricultural market. The program is designed to stimulate New York State’s agriculture sector and preserve open space through populating the state’s many horse farms.


Who is eligible to receive a Breeders’ Award?

Eligible recipients of a Residency Breeders’ Award are individuals who have bred a mare who resided in New York State for at least 180 consecutive days during the breeding year and whose progeny race in the NYSS as a two-and/or three-year-old and finish in positions one through five. The 180-day period must be met within the calendar year. In cases of multiple breeders, only one breeder will be the recipient of the award; the first breeder of record on the horses’ USTA registration will be the initial contact.


Do I have to fill out a special form to be eligible for a Breeders’ Award?

If you wish to be eligible for a Residency Breeeders’ Award, you will be required to fill out a “Residency Declaration/Arrival Form” and a “Mare Departure/180-Day Declaration of Residency Form” to certify your mare was a NYS resident for 180 continuous days during the current breeding year. Additionally, if your mare must leave the state for an emergency or if you transfer it to a different facility within NYS, you must fill out and submit the appropriate forms. These forms are available for download on the Fund’s website in the “Forms and Downloads” section.


Is there a timeframe for when the forms are due to the Fund?

Yes, the 180-day residency forms must be filled out completely and accurately and within a specific timeframe; failure to do so may result in automatic disqualification from the program. The Residency Declaration/Arrival Form must be mailed or faxed to the Fund with a postmark or fax date no later than 30 days of arrival. The Mare Departure/180-Day Declaration of Residency Form must be mailed or faxed to the Fund with a postmark no later than 30 days of departure. The Resident Broodmare Emergency Leave Form and the Resident Broodmare Emergency Notice of Return Form must be mailed or faxed to the Fund within three days of the emergency and return.

I am a New York State resident and my mares are in NYS year-round. Is there anything I must do to be eligible for a 


Residency Bonus Award?

Yes, you must file, annually, with the Fund the Residency Declaration/Arrival Form when you wish your 180-day residency period to begin. You must also fill out the Mare Departure/180- Day Declaration of Residency Form at the end of the 180-day period to certify that your mare was resident in NYS for the continuous 180-day period. Please note: All forms are due to the Fund within 30 days of the start and end of the 180-day period. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the Residency Breeders’ Award program.


What if my mare has to leave the State because of an emergency?

If your mare has an emergency that results in the need for it to leave the State, you must notify the Fund within three days of its departure as well as its return. The Fund will have forms available on its website. Additionally, you will be required to provide supporting documentation that details the nature of the emergency, the timeline, and reason for the need to transfer the mare out of state. The Fund reserves the right to approve the leave or disqualify the mare from the Residency Bonus Awards program.


Can I move my mare to a different farm within New York State and still be eligible for a Residency Breeders’ Award?

You may transfer your mare between farms within the State of New York; however you must fill out all of the appropriate forms to notify the Fund within the stated time period to remain eligible to the Residency Bonus program. Failure to fill out and submit the forms may result in automatic disqualification.


Does the 180-day period have to be continuous? And does it need to be satisfied within a calendar year?

Yes, the 180-day period must be continuous and the timeframe must be satisfied within the current calendar year.


How is the Breeders’ Awards Program funded?

Breeders’ Awards funds are derived from the remittances from the State’s harness tracks and Off Track Betting parlors. Legislation mandates that the above stated entities provide a percentage of the total betting handle and the VLT revenue to the Agriculture & NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund for the administration of the New York Sire Stakes program, including 

the Breeders’ Awards Program.


How much will each recipient receive?

The Fund’s budget is based on a purse year of July to June. Therefore, the breakdown will be available on the Fund’s website each year when all funds have been received and the Fund is able to accurately calculate the monies to be awarded.


Where can I find more information?

Please visit the Fund’s website’s breeding section, for more information about the Breeders’ Awards Program. It is recommended that you visit the website regularly as the breeding season approaches for all of the latest information and forms for the Residency Breeders’ Awards program.

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